During a recent health challenge, Rita Marie Johnson has relied on the Connection Practice to give herself empathy and to tap into her greatest intelligence to find solutions and make decisions about her care.

Yet it was when she couldn’t keep up the practice that she was most moved by it.

Rita Marie has been staying with her sister Shari during her chemotherapy treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. At times, the nausea and chemo fog were so intense that Rita Marie couldn’t keep up her Connection Practice daily habit. So Shari stepped in.

Shari has been trained in the Connection Practice, so she didn’t try to tell Rita Marie what to do, and she didn’t console or sympathize. Instead, she listened and then guessed Rita Marie’s emotions and needs, and this level of empathy – of feeling truly heard – touched and supported Rita Marie at a deep level. She was moved to tears in her November 8 teleseminar when she shared her story.

In the teleseminar, Rita Marie also covered:

  • Why the Connection Practice works to create connection and inspire insights
  • What “social and emotional intelligence” means
  • How the Connection Practice and BePeace are different
  • When her book, Completely Connected: Uniting Empathy and Insight for Extraordinary Results, will be published. If you would like to support the cost of printing her book, please go here.

You can listen to a replay of Rita Marie’s teleseminar here:

You can also listen by phone; call (805) 360-1999, enter the access code 974392# and then enter 33 for the recording number.

Thank you for your support and care for Rita Marie and the desire of her heart: creating a more connected world.