Three-girls-for-webThe BePeace Foundations Course teaches individuals of all ages techniques to master living and speaking peacefully. The course is 90%
experiential and designed to allow time for you to learn the concepts and connect deeply with yourself so you can return to daily life with skills that really work.

The Foundations Course is taught in either a four-day (32 hour) course or in three weekend courses (12 hours each).

Spiritual communities of all faiths can sponsor a Foundations Course.

  • BePeace can make a profound difference in the life of your spiritual community. As more of your board members, staff and congregation are trained in BePeace, the more harmony and cooperation your community will experience. See a letter from Rev. Beth Head that describes her spiritual community’s experience with BePeace.
  • A BePeace Foundations Course is an excellent opportunity to reach out to the local community.
  • The course is designed to be a financial win/win for the spiritual community and the certified trainer.
  • A certified trainer will help you plan and promote your Foundations Course. The Logistics Guide for Hosts contains useful information.

To schedule a Foundations Course or for more information, contact a certified trainer or send an email to

You can also attend a Foundations Course at another location; see the Find a Course page for upcoming courses.