What is a Connection Practice Group? It’s a group that provides a supportive environment for building connection:

empathy + insight = connection

What is the purpose of Practice Groups? A Practice Group reinforces the skills you have already learned so you can efficiently and effectively resolve issues and celebrate life.  You will experience accelerated personal and professional growth by:

  • Continuing to build your feelings and needs vocabulary and enhance self-empathy and empathy for others
  • Reinforcing the experience of coherence in a group where it is most powerful so that you can attain it at will
  • Accessing insights quickly and efficiently for practical application in your daily life

Who can attend a Practice Group?

  • Graduates of any Part 1 course – The Connection Practice
  • Educators who have taken an In-Service Curriculum Course

Note: Groups may permit newcomers who are curious about the Practice to attend with the understanding that they may observe and listen.  It is our experience that people who haven’t yet learned the Practice often struggle and lack confidence if they try to participate before they have adequate preparation.  We recommend that Practice Group leader/s ensure that newcomers are prepared in some way before joining and participating in the Practice Group (e.g., encourage newcomers to take a Part 1 course, learn the Practice from a certified coach, read the Rita Marie’s book Completely Connection, etc.).  In addition, we have observed that regular Group participants may feel frustrated when time is taken to teach newcomers the basics.

How do you start a Practice Group? A certified Connection Practice trainer who is willing to lead the group initiates it.  As people master the Practice, the trainer may identify and mentor someone in the group to take over the leadership role.  Once that person has developed sufficient confidence and experience, as determined by the trainer, the trainer will assist the new leader in assuming leadership of the Group. Register your group using the Practice Group Registration page.

How often does a Practice Group meet? It is recommended that new graduates join a practice group that meets every other week (typically for 90-120 minutes) for at least three months.  This provides adequate follow-up to the skills learned during the course.  Over time, the group may decide how often to continue meeting as a way to support each other’s growth.

What support will a leader have? The trainer/mentor will provide support as needed.  Leaders purchase a copy of The Connection Practice Group Leader Manual that contains the basic information needed (available in the trainers store: www.connectionpractice.org). Leaders also purchase The Connection Practice Group Participant Manual and make copies available for the participants.

How much does it cost? Each participant will become a member of RFI for an annual fee of $50.  Each participant will reimburse the trainer/leader for the cost of his or her manual.  In addition, each participant may be asked to contribute to the cost of the venue, other meeting costs, and/or a payment to the trainer/leader for facilitating meetings.

Format for Practice Groups

  1. Do the Quick Coherence Technique.
  2. Read aloud the Group Agreements.
  3. Celebrate progress.
    Participants share experiences where the practice was used since the last meeting.
  1. Choose A, B, or C.
  2. Feelings and Needs Cards followed by Heart-Brain Insight
  3. Connection Circle (empathy for each participant followed by Heart-Brain Insight with the entire group)
  4. ConnectionPractice with a Partner
  5. Closing.

Take time to debrief the experience. Lastly, the group makes a circle and repeats the Rasur motto, ending with “Stay connected!”

If your group disbands, please notify RFI by sending an email to info@rasurinternational.org.

Quick Coherence is a registered trademark of the Institute of HeartMath.