Rasur-Training-2014-06By becoming a certified coach or trainer of the Connection Practice, you will help others gain the benefits of empathy and insight. You will help them reduce stress, have better relationships and find better solutions to problems.

You will also help organizations – whether they work with at-risk children or employ hundreds or run some part of the government – become more efficient, more connected and a better place to work.

You will give school children skills that will not only reduce bullying and help them do better in school, but will support them throughout their lives.

All of this will lead to a more connected world, one in which people have skills other than violence or shame with which to deal with conflicts.

And still, you may find the best part of becoming a certified trainer is what you gain for yourself. If you are looking for more peace inside you and in your relationships or if you desire a way to be of service that truly makes a difference, consider becoming a certified Connection Practice coach or trainer.

How to Become a Certified Coach or Trainer

Step 1

Take the Foundations Course: Taught in a 32-hour course or three 12-hour weekend courses, the Foundations Course teaches, and gives you a chance to practice, the Connection Practice. You will learn ways you can continue to practice your new skills.

You can take either the Connection Practice or the BePeace Foundations Course to be certified in both. To sign up for a Foundations Course, go to the Find a Course page. You can also sign up for the RFI email newsletter to keep up with news from Rasur Foundation International.

Step 2

Facilitate During the Foundations Course: As a facilitator, you will work directly with a small group as they learn and practice the Connection Practice. A 2-hour, free teleconference on HeartMath® is required prior to facilitating.

Step 3

Take the Certification Course: The final step is to take the Certification Course, a 20-hour course usually offered on weekends. You must listen to a free pre-recorded course on coaching prior to taking the Certification Course.

If you are credentialed in education, there is an additional course you can take that will certify you as a Curriculum Instructor. This will allow you to teach the Connection Practice to teachers who then use it in their classrooms.

If you have questions about becoming a certified coach or trainer of the Connection Practice, please send an email to info@rasurinternational.org.

Certification Training Materials

If you are on your way to becoming a certified Connection Practice coach and trainer, welcome! Thank you for your commitment to creating a more connected world. Click here to go to the Certification Training Materials page. You will receive the passcode by email.