To deepen your BePeace Practice and receive the full benefits of the profound nature of the skills you’ve learned, practice is essential. Joining a Practice Group will help you learn to masterfully apply the practice in your relationships and all aspects of your life.

Practice Groups meet regularly, usually weekly or bi-weekly as agreed upon by the group, for three months. They are mentored by a certified coach or teacher, and manuals for both the leader and group members are available to provide structure for the 2-hour meetings.

There are only two requirements for joining a Practice Group:

  • Complete at least Part 1 of the Foundations Course or, for teachers, the In-Service Course.
  • Become an RFI member. High school or college student groups and groups in developing countries are exempted from this requirement. If the membership fee is being paid by check, send it to Rasur Foundation International, 1520 Rosette Way. Gilroy, CA 95020.

Practice Groups who meet for longer than a year are requested to make a donation to RFI in appreciation for the materials and to help spread the BePeace Practice to more people.

In each meeting, the Practice Group:

  • Starts with the Quick Coherence® technique.
  • Reads aloud the Group Agreements.
  • Celebrates progress.
  • Conducts an Empathy Circle or uses the Feelings and Needs cards.
  • Goes through the BePeace Process with a partner.
  • Closes the meeting.

Join a Practice Group Today!

To find out if there is a Practice Group near you, contact a certified coach or trainer in your area or send an email to If there is no group available, you can form one! Anyone who has completed the full Foundations Course or Part 3 can initiate a group. A certified coach or trainer will mentor you in the first session and after as needed.

To start a Practice Group:

  • Purchase the Practice Group Kit from a certified coach or trainer; it will have everything you need to facilitate your group. Group members are expected to reimburse you for the cost of their manuals.
  • Schedule the first meeting date with the certified coach or trainer and the other group members.
  • Register your group using the Practice Group Registration page. You are asked to re-register your group every three months (note that membership fees are only collected annually). If none of your group members have changed when it is time re-register, send an email to to state the group has not changed; you do not need to complete the Registration page.
  • Have your first meeting!

If your group disbands, please notify RFI by sending an email to

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