The Connection Practice can easily be incorporated into an after-school program, day camp or overnight camp.

“I felt like all the worries that I’ve had have just been lifted.”~ Student at Oakley Elementary after experiencing the Connection Practice

It will not only help to improve behavior, prepare the children for learning, and create more cooperation, it will give children skills they can use for life:

  • naming their feelings and understanding the needs that underlie their feelings
  • self-regulating their reactions to feelings, a key component of emotional intelligence
  • knowing that they can look to themselves for answers to challenges or conflicts

For those who are old enough to write, a Connection Process Daily Workbook (available from a certified curriculum instructor) can help them continue the practice, which reinforces their ability to have empathy for themselves and others and to tap into their insight when they need to solve problems.

To integrate the Connection Practice into an after-school program or camp:

  • A certified curriculum instructor of the Connection Practice will train staff and volunteers and work with you to integrate the practice into your curriculum.
  • A Connection Practice camp kit (either as a complete kit or in a digital format) provides everything you will need to teach the Connection Practice.

For more information, contact a certified curriculum instructor or send an email to