Book Tour Contact Ideas and Tracking Sheet: A list of ideas for booking Rita Marie, as well as a sheet for tracking who you’ve contacted

Rita Marie’s Big Adventure 2015.02.13: The latest news on where Rita Marie will be and when

Speaking Engagement Press Release 2015.02.19: General press release about the availability of Completely Connected and Rita Marie speaking in a nearby location

Completely Connected Flyer 2015-02-12

Completely Connected Description 2015-02-19

Inquiry Examples

Sample email for booking radio shows or podcasts

Sample email for booking speaking engagements

Speaker Sheets

These provide topic ideas for workshops, Rita Marie’s bio and past speaking engagements, testimonials and a description of Completely Connected

RMJ Speaker Sheet 2015-2-13: For a general audience

RMJ Speaker Sheet BePeace 2015-02-13: For faith-based communities

RMJ Speaker Sheet Business 2015-02-13: For a business audience

Rita Marie Bios

Rita Marie Bio – Short 2015-02-17

Rita Marie Johnson Bio – Full 2015-02-25