BePeace 360 x 130Peace begins within, and BePeace™ teaches how to do it. “We are committed to world peace and this is one of the most effective methodologies on the planet to get there,” said Rev. David McArthur, senior minister of Unity of Walnut Creek.

BePeace follows the same process as the Connection Practice adapted for those who want to embody peace while creating a more peaceful world.

BePeace does not espouse specific religious beliefs or tenets. It works hand-in-hand with any thought system because it teaches how to:

  • Live harmoniously with those you are in relationship with, whether at home, at work or in the community
  • Find meaning and purpose in daily living
  • Believe you can impact social change
  • Feel and act peaceful amidst chaos and conflict

BePeace can be learned in several forums:

Practice is essential to receiving the profound benefits of BePeace. The BePeace Daily Workbook (available from your coach or trainer) can help make it a daily habit, and joining a BePeace Practice Group provides support in mastering the skills.

Certified coaches and trainers of BePeace are available to:

  • Help you integrate BePeace into your spiritual community: Training the board and the staff, using BePeace within the children’s program, and training the congregation.
  • Hold Foundations Courses or camps that you can invite the local community to.
  • Resolve conflicts and issues. One of the greatest strengths of the BePeace Practice is conflict resolution and mediation. It is very effective in resolving conflict within spiritual communities, whether it’s between the board and the minister, the board and the congregation, or groups within the congregation.

To find out more or to schedule a course, contact a certified trainer or send an email to