Like many nonprofit organizations, Rasur Foundation International (RFI) relies partially on donations from individuals and organizations to pay for salaries and other expenses. There are other, equally significant ways that you can support RFI:

Spread the Word About RFI Courses

  • Let people know about the free monthly teleseminars where they can learn more about the Connection Practice with CEO Rita Marie Johnson.
  • Let your friends and family know that they learn the Connection Practice in an online course, the Connection Experience. If someone is struggling with a conflict or challenge, give them the gift of knowing about the Connection Experience.
  • Teaching the Connection Practice to individuals is the core of RFI’s mission. Your willingness to ask organizations and individuals to schedule and attend a Connection Practice course is one of the single biggest ways you can provide support. Organizations you can ask: the after school program at your child’s school, your workplace, your spiritual community, a nonprofit you support or an association you belong to.
  • Let your friends and family know when a Foundations Course is being held in your area.

Other Ways to Support RFI

  • Lead by example. After taking the Foundations Course, practice the skills you learned daily. Use them in interactions with others and help work through conflicts empathically and compassionately. Share with others how the practice impacts your life.
  • Spread the word by liking RFI on Facebook.
  • BePeace group tours to Costa Rica, which include Part 1 of the Foundations Course, create lifelong memories for tour participants and is a great support to RFI. Please suggest, and be willing to help coordinate logistics for, a Costa Rica tour to your spiritual community.
  • Organize a fundraising event for RFI.
  • Offer your time and talents. There are many times when volunteers are needed to help out at an event or to move projects forward. If you have time to help, or specific talents (such as marketing or graphic design) and are willing to help out, let us know by sending an email to
For questions or to discuss other ways to support RFI, send an email to