Rasur Foundation International (RFI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching a social and emotional skill for a more connected world. By carrying out this mission, RFI will realize its vision of a world where every person practices the art of connection and passes this gift to the next generation.

Through coaches and trainers certified by RFI, the Connection Practice is spreading rapidly in schools, businesses, nonprofits and in faith-based communities in the United States.

In Costa Rica, more than 1,500 teachers have been trained in the Connection Practice, building the social and emotional intelligence of over 40,000 students. Annual evaluations revealed that bullying, intolerance, conflicts, violence and misconduct reports decreased after the Connection Practice training.

RFI gratefully acknowledges the work of the Institute of HeartMath® and the Center for Nonviolent Communication for inspiring the Connection Practice.


Board of Directors



Rita Marie Johnson is the founder, CEO and board president of Rasur Foundation International and Rasur Foundation of Costa Rica. She lives in Gilroy, California.




Leigh Files, the board’s Chairman, has been a board member since 2014. She is a program manager at Texas Instruments Incorporated and is also on the board of directors for the Dallas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. She lives in Texas.




Shari Holland is a founding board member and the Parliamentarian and current Secretary of the Board. She has a master’s in Public Administration and lives in Missouri.



Kaja Michelson, a board member since 2013, has served as an advisor, teacher and coach to people of all walks of life on their quest to gain physical, emotional and mental health. She is the founder of P.E.M COACHING, a training program for personal development and  health focusing on experience based competence development for the individual, the team and the organisation. She lives in Texas with her husband and two daughters.



Ann Ranson has been on the board since 2013. She is the president of two companies, Bottom Line 3 Marketing and By the Grace of Tea. She lives in Texas.


Lynne Dowler has been on the board since 2013. She is a retired educator, a licensed Unity teacher and the volunteer children’s church coordinator at Unity of Dallas. She is also on the board of Empower American Children and has been very active in United Federation of Dolls Clubs, Inc. She lives in Texas.

Barbara Jones has been a board member since 2011. She helped sponsor the first Connection Practice project in Costa Rica in 2003. She retired as president and CEO of a business college and is a former teacher. She lives in Alabama.

For more information, please contact info@rasurinternational.org.